Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Weeeeeezer! @ the fair!

good show, good show.

the only thing more cool than being weezer, is being zander.

and i did have a 'moment' with a character, larger than life, that night.
a specimen that outshined all the rock stars on stage.
my heart beat faster as its long neck rose above the crowd of squealing children and
concerned parents.
it swayed and to and fro, sniffing for concession stand food.
its knarly head banked toward my direction, hovered, then lowered, its profile only a camel hair away
and its inky black eye stared straight into my eyes, and 'blink, blink' it went, so i 'blink, blink' backed.
sigh. everything else was a blur.
and there was also a giraffe with lovely lashes.
a petting zoo at the phoenix fair grounds is definitely not what God intended for humans and animals coexistance. i anticpate Your return, Jesus!

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