Wednesday, October 08, 2008


its one of my goals to be a little of this man. he had a 'green thumb' as the title goes and i'm hoping some of those green genes were passed down.

under the last wink of the sun, my shovel bit into the ground and spit out pesky bermuta grass, cleansing a 4x4 area for the fall garden.

{El Reno, Oklahoma: Grandfather Buckner}

mama and dad had a large vegetable garden on their 44 acre farm. the ground so fertile you could sneeze and "bless my soul! snot celery!" well...not really.

heaven is often on my mind or the new earth. our eyes will be fully open to Jesus's wild and passionate imagination and who knows what sorts of delicious and knarly things will grow! i cannot wait to get the new dirt under my nails and to feel the new sun on my back when i "toil" away in my garden on the new earth.

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