Wednesday, October 10, 2012

fairy lights

i think it all started with my auntie terrye residing in an oklahoma version of Ariel's cave of wonders.  she is always coming up with something new to adorn her garden and creating it herself.  one of those treasures are hanging mirrors.  the sun looks into them and the reflection is a fairy dance of lights.  ender likes to try and stomp on the delicate display, but the fairy feet are always too quick in their frolic.  the pictures do not show, but the mirrors are all adhered prettily down some fishing line.  i made these for my sister.  i make them for my mom and eventually for myself.  one day.  mama also has a glass star filled with distilled water that mingles beautifully with the light.  we are always on the hunt for a piece that hangs and reflects resplendence. 

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