Friday, October 19, 2012

We desert people dapple a little in fall

~what little decorations i have stored away with the cobwebs are now up!  and they are all resting on our fireplace mantle, a cozy row of earthy whimsy. 
~ender frequents the recycle garbage can and finds all sorts of trinkets and treasures, like this beer bottle.  its clean trash, so I am pretty lax with letting him dumpster dive.  you know, his daddy once found a great pair of hiking boots dumpster diving in the back of REI, so it can't be that bad....
~Zander and I are engrossed in Bram Stoker's Dracula. He is listening to it on tape and I'm nose in book. The Count is cunning and sinister.  Dr. Van Helsing provides some grandfatherly warmth to the story, otherwise, I couldn't endure all the spook!  When we come together at the end of the day to talk about it, zander provides the recap with accents and I fill him in with tidbits of information I find in the footnotes.  He is totally right, reading a book together is like going on a great adventure with someone; you inevitably bond.

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