Friday, October 26, 2012

Last Saturday began the beginning of the rest of the year.  

Despite scorching October heat, my sister and I braved an urban pumpkin patch with three gnarly and mischievous children.  I loved it!  It was free (thanks groupon).  Ender giddy upped his first pony, (thanks ruby)  and he proved he was smarter than a rat without cheese in a hay maze! 

then we whipped to Nana's house who helped me bake 2 batches of German Pretzels for the Annual Okotober Fest at Katie's einfamilienhaus.
"Prost!" to the original host, Marlene!

It takes me a week to recover, sadly, happily?  I like rest.  But my mind buzzes with ideas constantly.  Cora, such a good girl, is at the control panel of my body and switches gears for me.  She knows how to command her ship at sea.  Once she ends her 9 month voyage, landing on the wide wide shores of life, my load will be lighter and she can fly with me on my top sails or swim next to me.

speaking of which, my couin Peter John is going as Captain Ahab for Halloween!  He's achingly brilliant to think of posing as one of my favorite characters.  Zander calls me Moby when I'm pregnant (no no no I don't mind, its our affection)  I was considering as going as the White Whale....
here is some artwork I"m going to track down to hang in the house.  its simple.  i could kiss that iceberg nose!

from terry fan

Actually check out Society 6 website for some more prints, I'm exploring its eclectic gallery now.

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