Friday, November 09, 2012

At Junipine

 This is Zander's look of "I tried.  What can ya do?" 
 I do not recognize the kid in this picture.  He is so beside himself.  Sincerely, Ender enjoyed his outing with daddy for about an hour.  They hiked to the "tee-pee" and there built a shelter and fire.  The wind and rain snuffed the fun out of ender once it kicked up to unbearable heights.  Zander accounts a screaming, belligerent two year old roaming the woods while he tried to rebuild the fallen shelter.  He cried for his mama (thank you very much) and was horrified that his snacks were scattered across the forest floor. 
It is a good man to take his small son on such an adventure and remain light hearted.

After a snugly nap, ender was a new man and ready to hit the trail again.  He had himself a little party in the fall confetti and made fishing poles out of twigs.  We hit the town for some Indian cuisine and called it a night. 

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