Thursday, November 29, 2012

While the elf was napping, zander set up our Christmas tree.  Ender woke up and beheld!  Lifting his eye brows, exclaimed "Ahhh".  not the most dramatic cry of delight, but it will do for ender.  trimming the tree is one of my most favorite things to do!  Each ornament comes alive to me.  Especially the one's from mama's tree.  Those ones were awakened by my child spirit and I don't think I can ever shake the magic from them.

So while I prance and skip around the tree trying to find the perfect perch for my Christmas friends, ender takes his decorating very, rather seriously....   The ornament has a complex journey ahead when it arrives in ender's hands.  And while he is the source of the precarious situation he is also the guy who will get the job done.  His inventory is strictly felt and pliable rubber.  They are all clumped center left.  Bravo Ender, I love Christmas with you!

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