Wednesday, November 07, 2012

eating eden

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an apple? i think not!  imagine a ruddy skinned bulb hanging unassumingly from a scraggly tree.  not very appealing, until one day...  the warm fingers of the sun have slightly cracked it open to reveal gleaming garnet.  Encrusted edible jewels flashing in the light.  Too tempting for me.  I pluck and devour. 

I spent my fall afternoons as a kid stealing pomegranates off people's trees with my best friend.  we would gingerly peel back the spongy encasing to preserve the "brains" so we could get as much juicy seeds in our mouths as possible in one bite.  Its messier than ribs.  I'm sure we looked barbaric with the bright ,red juice dripping from our chomping jaws, staining our faces and hands. Oh tis so sweet to be a child eating the redeemed forbidden fruit.

if your babe is ready, let him eat the seeds too. Its where the nutrients are!

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