Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Lumineers - Ho Hey (Official Video)

Why a photo of a wad of tissue?  Well, because it is now one of the most precious pieces of trash I will harbor until I'm a very old, weird lady.  With all this "baby blues", ender was bound to catch me crying, though I try to hide it from his sweet world. 
"Whats that mama?" He asks pointing to my nonsensical tears. 
"I'm crying Ender" says I.
"Clean it off"
"ok, thats a good idea" replies I
"I better go get a tissue"
He runs to the bathroom and comes back with a wadded up piece of toilet paper, warm and moist from his hot little hands.  I reach for it...
"Let me have it!" And he proceeds to carefully dab everyone of my tears away.  He lingers a little while scrutinizing my eyes to make sure he got every drop wiped away.

And I realized how out of the music scene I am when I begin to discover "new" bands by watching reruns of SNL.  yikes.


EllisBelle said...

oh this is the most precious thing I've ever read!

Les is more said...

Abbie! I miss you! Drop by our neck of the woods sometime.

mec said...

I tried telling you about The Lumineers well over a year ago! I tried playing their old video for you. Clearly you don't remember. This song used to be Isla's car jam.

Les is more said...

What?! I don't remember. You're right though, should have listened. You were the one who introduced me to Mumford & Sons... We were in Oklahoma, at Aunt Nancy's, on the pull out bed, waiting for Ender to stop crying and consequently for Isla too.