Thursday, February 07, 2013

cora lynn 02.03.13

You made a somewhat surprisingly gentle entrance into this world.  Thank you.  I can only liken you to a sprout pushing up slowly through the soil.  For me being the soil, though, i felt each mineral, nutrient and clod of dirt moving aside.  i will never walk on a patch of dirt the same way again. 

Two photos I wish I had taken were:

1) a hospital scene- the silhouette of cora and grandma by the window with the rainy desert sky adorned in a double stranded rainbow and trees and mountains set ablaze by a setting a sun.

2)  a home scene - Ender, peeking in through our window, looking for his new baby sister.  His blond hair combed, a clean white shirt tucked in his pants, holding a tiny vial of these ambrosial blooms.  I almost started weeping at the sight. 


Heather Kinkel said...

Beautiful! Can't wait to meet her.

Les is more said...

Thanks Heather. I Can't wait for you either. We are in extreme quarentine as of now. She will soon make her debut!