Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Well Digger's Daughter

Yesterday while our sprawling metropolis was undergoing the most unusual weather with hail and sleet of the sort, Cora & I were bundled up watching The Well Digger's Daughter. A French film that, surprisingly, had zero nudity or unsightly female body hair in it. In the end, it wasn't a Parisian fling, but commitment to the family. A very simple story drenched in warm sunlight that I could get lost in for the afternoon.
I have been cooped up in my home for the past two months trying to avoid the plague as a pregnant gal and now as one with a newborn and two year old. It is getting to me in the worst of ways.
I long to throw my kids in the car and drive far away from these walls.
Oh, but when Zander comes home, he smells of fresh air and wild adventure. Yes yes, he has only been at work, but he brings a bright light, tales of the world, hope for the future, and joy in my present circumstance

Our neighbor came over this morning to take pictures of me and kids, and she mentioned...
 "Zander, now, I could be wrong, but he seems like such a throw back character.  Someone you would read about in a classic novel.  An old fashion kind of man.  Its interesting, because that is a rare quality in men these days"

How true.

He is currently brewing "bone tea".  Its one thing he is into all of a sudden.  He bought some meat with bone in and was boiling it last night and all day today trying to leech all the under respected nutrients from the marrow and such.  He had Ender take his bone "tonic" that night along with his dose of chamomile tea.  You know, I thought it would be Cora and I with the tea parties, but Zander & Ender beat us to it.  They'll stop whatever they're doing for a sip. 

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