Tuesday, April 16, 2013

two & a half months

she's my old man.  she passes the time with her gummy smiles.  Pooping, farting, and grunting are her hobbies.  Her happy place is right here on mama's bed. 
I am trying not to obsess about her naps.  I just got so used to handling ender; our days were beautifully mapped out.  And then she came and threw a wrench in it all.  Bless her heart, she is so sweet about everything, and still I find it in me to complain. 
Right now I am eager for her napping to be predictable.  The thing that scares me is that I will be stuck at home.  I'm reading the Life of Pi right now and I feel for the castaway.  Being trapped on a little dingy with a temperamental tiger is uncannily similar to being stuck in the house with a toddler.    Of course my toddler can be a little pussy cat.  Right now he hid himself away with his books because Cookie Monster is "too scary!"
Ender's favorite show by far is Curious George.  Lately, though, he is realizing that George is a little too messy and ornery.  If you have ever seen the show, it is Hundley, the lobby dog who he most emulates.  This dog is dedicated in keeping life orderly.
And yet when daddy comes home, ender seems to shed a layer of that worry and tension.  I do too.  Zander has that freeing effect. 


from mel said...

i love this. your kids are so cute!

Mel said...

and you're cloth diapering? AMAZING! ten bonus points PER MINUTE! :)

Les is more said...

zander was the fuel behind this fire. otherwise, I would have wimped out.