Monday, April 08, 2013

they are zander & ender. 2 of the most genuinely happy people I know

A hairless husband, and a grassless, treeless yard.  "You didn't imagine your life to end up this way" , Zander chuckled.    "no", I said much more seriously, "no I did not".

I always thought we would be missionaries in some far flung country or have wild and unruly careers.  For example, Zander would be sprouting a full head of curls,  teach history to inner city kids, change their world view, and end up adopting one of his student's babies.  For me: oh, just a travel photographer and of course the mother of our adopted child. 

But alas, we have happened upon an unforeseen path that has led us to the threshold of people's hearts.  Where, just even on the doorstep, are things unexpected, surprising, and enthralling. 

I am learning to invest my time and energy and prayers into people.  Discovering that you, yes you out there, whoever you are, are more beautiful and mysterious and worth exploring than my selfish and probably misguided dreams.   
I say this with confidence because its already been proven.  In Zander, my children, my family, friends. 

Its a hard road not to choose myself.  Many days I go dizzy with temptation and wander from that path.  But He always leads me back. 

I am jealous of how optimistic Zander is.  He sees our ugly, concrete yard as his creation playground.  He loves the idea that he has to build the beauty himself.   Me, I just want to win the lottery so I can *snap* have 50 year old sycamores transplanted in my yard.  I don't want to wait for anything!  I want it now! 


Roxanne said...

Yes, it is amazing what the Lord can do. Especially when he takes those of us who want mystery and adventure and sets us on a mission, not halfway around the world, but rather in our own backyard. When the love for my neighbors, when living life together, is worth more than any stamps in my passport could ever be.

Les is more said...

well put roxanne! :)

from mel said...

love this!