Thursday, April 25, 2013

ender went to bed all hot and bothered.  then he woke up irritable and with a stuffy nose.  He throws a fit whenever I try to care for him, like give him tea, Tylenol, hugs & kisses.  I would do anything for him when he is sick, but his mind & personality really take a beating under a common cold leaving him in tears and tantrums all day.  Until.....  I bust out the camera.  stinker.

Affection?  Not yet.  Underdeveloped  stomach and back muscles.  Ender, however, would disagree

After the "photo shoot" mind you, I was forced to put both kids in the car and just drive.  Strapping Ender in his seat was therapy for us both.  Boy can this kid scream and act irrational, sheesh!  I had to keep telling myself that he was sick and that he is who he is under the circumstances and that there still is a God.

Ender and I are adjusting more and more to our lump of sugar, cora lynn.  She puts up with a whole bunch of emotional drama from us.  She, like her daddy, brings a sense of calm.  She loves to smile and gurgle her spit.
she is growing fast.  and for the few who care, when it comes to nursing, she downs her milk in ten minuets flat.  Ender took 30 to 45 mins.  A guzzler versus a sipper.  Ale versus tea.  They are so different from each other already.  I can't wait for those iron differences to come into contact.


Mel said...

love this. thank you so much for sharing you and pictures of you. geesh, your kids are beautiful!!!!

Les is more said...

haha mel, you are too kind! I think when it comes to being biased about ones kids. I'm the opposite. I always think my newborns and babies are so weird looking! :)