Wednesday, July 24, 2013

adventure follows me home

 She is always so pleased to see him.  always.

 Fishing.  This is the bliss before the fall.  Ender was there high upon a rock one second, and the next he was down below flailing with the fishes.  I screamed hysterically and zander silently swooped in and pulled him out.  I guess it wasn't that big of a deal, but it could have been.  A cracked skull or too much water in the lungs.  Honest, though, when I looked down from the heights to see "what on earth happened to the boy?!", he was swimming-ish.  Keeping his head above water, but that's not the point.  I overestimated his cautious personality and took my eyes off of him to dote upon his cooing sister. 


Zander rigged up one of his classic ravine rope swings.  First, Ender was on Zander's back, but then we set him sailing solo.  He got a big kick out of it.  Its been so long since I had this type of adrenalin rush, so it was good for me.  Zander had to "nudge" me off the boulder, though.  He also "nudged" his dad too.  Ornery fellow that zander. 
Well, the pictures might not denote this, but the drop to the ground was plunging!  It took your stomach with you.

Its a bummer to leave vacation.  But I realize, that zander comes home with me.  And it is really him who draws out the magic and fun wherever we go anyhow.  This might be a little much, but humor me.  Its like, in the wake of his presence a portal to a better world is exposed and made passable.  What is interesting about it is that he is pretty much in this constant state.  Passionate people tend to have their dramatic ups and downs, but zander's passion is homeostatic, his internal environment is kept very stable.  Its incredible. 

*But just note: perfections is not his.  Its God's.  And zander has not yet arrived.   :) 

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