Wednesday, July 17, 2013




Emerald cathedrals and sandstone turrets, our palace. 
I have experienced this place as a youth and was in wonder at its quiet mystery.   Stories plain as day written on the rocks, laughing in the creek, singing through the canyon walls; a language  you could only slightly, possibly perceive with your spirit. 
Our children's existence has moved a part of us to the past.  Our history is coexisting with the timelessness of this place now.  Its becoming our children's time to be young in the old place.

*So, these are the only photos I have of our trip.  Don't freak out Zander, if you're reading this!  I think you could fix the problem:)  Because I see our photos one moment and then the next they vanish! 
Meanwhile.....our Leimgruber cousins!  These darling twins embraced Ender like a third brother.  Their missing triplet.  More photos of these boys to come, hopefully....


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