Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Safety First!


I couldn't resist this sequence of pictures.  Old man ender.  Even thought its blistering hot outside, at the end of the day zander works in the yard and I force ender out there with him.  This kid has dropped his nap.  He will sleep, perhaps, once a week for a solid 3 hours, like the good o'l days.  So, unapologetically, I'm eager to kick his tush out the door and put him to "work".   
Meanwhile, our most precious of all slugs rocks gently in the hammock.  Who is she?  Zander describes her as an essence, a presence, a spirit child.   She 14.6 pounds of a spring breeze.  Was her labor and birth an illusion?  A ploy the heavenly hosts used to sneak her in among the humans? Perhaps.  The fact that her farts really really stink, that she smells like cheese and that she sports a goopy left eye is all a disguise, I'm sure of it.  Zander & I are so blessed to be hosting a baby angel in our home. 

*Now, no one snicker or roll their eyes at us when she throws her first temper tantrum and refuses to eat the goodness on her dinner plate or bites her brother... we're enjoying our moment :)


Roxanne said...

Great pictures! Enjoy the old man and your angel baby :-)

from mel said...

oh man. i am dyin'. they are SO cute!

Les is more said...

thanks gal pals