Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A night, just like any other night, one would suppose.

The children nestled in bed.  the clock ticking the eleventh hour onward.

I check once in on them, whispering prayers over them and then retire to my own cozy quarters.

All is well. Gunther flops down on my circle rug.  He flops, but I look, and he is perfect puddle of fur.

Without warning Gunther dashes to Ender's room down the hall.  Zander follows after scolding him.  (Last time Gunther paid a visit to his room after hours proved to be a  stinky situation).  Zander immediately crates Gunther, but pauses in his actions.  He wonders.  He lets the dog out and Gunther goes right back to Ender's room and sits by his bed.  Zander looks down at Ender and notices his blanket is over his head.  He goes to remove it, but cannot so easily.  It is tightly wrapped once and half more around his face.  Zander unwinds the blanket from a sweaty, shallow breathing boy.

Maybe a sleeping four year old could have worked that blanket away from his face during the night, maybe not.  My stomach was churning at the thought.Whether it was a shadow that caught a pup's fancy, or a notion to defecate on an Ikea rug again, we believe Ender's pal and humble hero responded to a supernatural call from his Master that night.   Gunther is truly family, in his strengths and in his weaknesses bringing glory to our Maker. 

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