Thursday, October 16, 2014

Upon the arrival of our puppy, I was already exhausted and managing two, strike that, three zesty "people", if you can even call them that based on the amount of feral stink and mess they collectively created.  Along comes just one more... one more that almost tipped the scale.

But Zander's optimism persisted to carry me through the first helter skelter days of a new dog.  He would send me emails with you tube links of German Shepherds saving their owner or a random stranger from dangers invisible to the human eye but known by the canine instinct.  
he'd come home and he'd watch it again with me.  He'd be crying.  I'd be noticeably happier about the dog howling in his crate... One time, though, after watching a particularly moving testimony of "dog saves man best friend" we swooped in upon Gunther and hugged that dopey dog like he was the hero.  Though, he still messed in the house that day, chewed up the children's toys, knocked Cora flat on her face and then on her back, we knew what one day he could become.   We believe it is his destiny to be a great dog.  I had to embrace him as I do the kids.  Cora and Ender are ornery, disobedient, embarrassing in public with unlearned manners and emotionally charged reactions, but that is not who they are or what they will become.  I pledged to all three of my children, canine and kid, that I will see them through these young years.
ahh, when he was younger looking more like a jackal or hyena.  Aunt Arica likes his "kind eyes".  

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