Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Companion Planting

"Symbiotic relationships occur when separate life forms interact with each other and either one or both species benefit in some way." 

Like Artichoke and Tarragon.  Carrots and Dill.  Roses and Garlic!  

While it was still hotter than blue blazes, Zander suited up in either his handy dandy lady repellent over-alls, (or was it his thrifted, pastel plaid lady repellent golf shorts?)  and bent back over our freshly mulched garden bed.  The results of his sun baked toiling are growing with green vigor in lovely lanes of carrots, dill, kale and broccoli, in clumps of lemon balm, fever few, onion, thyme, stevia, echinacea, chamomile, and chives. 
Herbs and vegetables huddling together to ward of pests and promote utmost flavor.  

Like Cora and Ender. 

If I go in that direction, I definitely see Ender as more of the vegetable.  Hardy, healthy.  I see Cora as the herb.  Spicy and rather pungent:)  Seemingly two different species growing in harmony.  Even the pitfalls of sibling angst come to a good end, will come, I pray.  

Cora brightens his heart.   She's a stinker and her herbal aroma results in more laughter and lighter spirits.
Ender is her protector and shows her the ropes.  She follows him.  And he reports back to me when she is in danger or has broken a rule.  He takes pride in his role.  

Our garden grows with more color, variety and flavor than I can dare to believe.   
Last year, and a lot of this year, I've been weary of weeding, watering, willing those darn things to grow.   Waking up one morning, you look out your window and see the tiniest emerald blade jutting through the broken soil.  'Cora's innocent desire to be loved as she climbs to bone breaking heights, Ender's eyebrows pulling his blue eyes up to your's, revealing a mind that truly desires understanding & explanation of his world.  
I've realized looking at those two, there is more to them then sprouts in need of tending, but tiny tools themselves, used to do a work on my own plot.  

okay.  the garden analogy is getting old.  

Sunflowers are also an amazing companion flower.  Beacons of light guiding the bees and butterflies to a blooming bounty.

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