Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cora's Nook

I can be a little illogical when it comes to "things i have to do before the impending arrival of baby"  For instance, make puffy, floral clouds.  These cumulus (latin for heap!) clouds were like weights on my shoulders until I stitched the last thread and they floated off my to do list and up above cora's nook.  I am ridiculous! 
Well, speaking of To Do Lists, I have Cora written down for February 1st and it would be exhilarating to cross her off on said date.  I'm half kidding myself. 
I have been having contractions since last night.  They are mild.  (Mild in comparison to the storm on the horizon, that is.)  And I'm nervous, but just so happy that I am experiencing them.  I didn't experience any labor pains with ender, not even those false braxton hicks.  He was more like a spirit child ho humming around in my uterus, pretending not to be human.  Cora, however, is  reading her textbooks and playing by the rules.  Thats my girl!  It gives me hope that I will not have another C-section.  

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