Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Constant Companions

 Ender enjoys being apart of Cora's nap time routine.  Book, song, pacifier, then a nice long break from sister.   The other morning I put the kids in her crib to go to the restroom.  As I walk back, I am met by Ender who proudly announces "I put Cora down for you" .  Of course I don't believe him, but its true, she was falling asleep when I rudely interrupted.  Ender didn't mind doing her nap routine all over again with out me in the room.  That day he held his head high and was adamant about making sure Cora was well taken care of by replenishing her snack dish and interpreting her grunts and hand motions for me.
 Ender's shadow coloring,
 Cora's shadow stocking her prey.  She got him.  Tore his book and pinched his arm. 
"Mama, is Cora going to die?"

"No, why would you ask that?"

"Because she is a baby"

"Well, we don't have to worry about her dying"

"Not yet anyway..." he says with a side glance to sister who blinks innocently back at  us.

Not to worry folks!  His inquiry is only out of concern for her.

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