Friday, May 16, 2014


Everything about Cora is tiny (except her personality and belly).   Her room is tiny, too.  I especially don't mind this.  I love small spaces.  Your hedged into your small world, protected from the giants that roam.  In the morning the light makes a grand, but gentle entrance.
Her small room is just one manifestation of Cora's small and bright life.  
Last night she was running back and forth between zander and I planting her cold, wet kisses on our lips. From this little vessel I drink of God's eternal love and joy.  She is only human, though.  I think of her like the small faucet that is consistently open allowing water to pour out and flood the backyard garden.  She is not the source of water, but a conduit.  To be such a lowly device , always having the streams of living water flowing through you.
haha what a  ham bone.  

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