Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Trader Joe Stickers

In third grade, a group of girls had a Lisa Frank sticker club.  Gag me with all the pink ponies!  However.... your membership included a shiny green emerald of the sorts, probably plastic.  I reassured myself that indeed I did love pink!  I loved it enough to get my hands on one of those green gems those girls promised.  I joined, got my prize and like most clubs in the third grade, it dissipated and rematerialized into a pogs club or something.... I can't remember.

Anyway...I took the kids to Trader Joes and the cashier lady thought the kids would want some stickers.  She gave a set to Ender and one to Cora, who decided that she wasn't the sticker type so I was much obliged by her sharing ways.  So off beat and interesting, I think I'll hoard them for a while until I write a friend and use them to seal their envelope.  I'm big into sealed envelopes. 

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