Thursday, March 08, 2012

i've been treating my blessings more like debris than treasures. it took ender and a tin pie can to go and scavenge them back to me. these are small items small fingers found before small fingers crushed and or threw them. ender is a living breathing reminder of the Good Stuff. That said... he is also a chameleon of fickle substance: glass to stone to upholstery stuffing to fine china...

this photo gives you time to study a little bit of his method. Here you notice the blue eyes beckoning you closer in, perhaps for a kiss, light banter...? I think not. A keen observation and you discover a glint of a mischievous ruse.
for the past two days ender has made it quite clear that he is changing into a man. A man with opinions and tastes! Hes mad I tell you! Thankfully there is a version of him already grown and when he gets home from work everyday i set the boy loose on him and they have a swell time battling for power. Really, they like it.