Friday, March 02, 2012


My "to-do"lists all began back in the day when i was emotionally overcome by zander and picking flower petals one by one, "he loves me, he loves me not". In order to still be a productive human being, I wrote my chores and activities down on a good piece of scrap paper.

This came so essential to time management in college.

And when ender was first born you could see a pathetic list of: feed ender, eat breakfast, shower, cry, call my mom. ( i had a hard time getting motivated after hurricane Ender hit)

Still, if I do not have my to do list, i find myself wandering aimlessly. And even when I accomplish lovely, awesome things, if they are not written down I don't feel as satisfied. I quickly scribble the item down on my list and then with a sigh of success cross it out.

No I am not clinically OCD... I can't possibly be alone on this:) I refuse to believe I'm unique!

To enable my obsession with notes and lists, anthropologie came out with....
petrified magnets! I'm a rock geek, but not a big spender. This is another great idea to help me enjoy my rock collection again. I will be making these.

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