Wednesday, March 14, 2012

ranting - one of my fortes

zander rock climbs. i love his spirit. i don't want him to be caged. as a dad, lets face it, he has less limitations than i do as a mama. so on a whim he can go unless ender and i are in immediate need. i'll admit, it can get pretty exhausting fighting to be a selfless person, fighting to embrace this season in my life, fighting to realize that the source of adventure, passion, and beauty are in Jesus. He proves it over and over. Especially in the existence of Ender.

Well, on Saturday Zander spontaneously went rock climbing. And instead of being excited for him, i seethed with jealous anger.... :) I really did! I was so mad, like The Hulk mad, I went to his hang board and did ONE furious pull up. ha ha ha, i laugh now, and I should have laughed then, but one pull up is very hard! I had such a mix of strong feelings that day. I felt sorry for myself that I couldn't go, but then I felt like I was the most blessed person alive because I spent it with Ender and my mama. The storm eventually lulled to a calm and my emotions returned once again to peace and understanding. Truly truly i have an adventurous life with the fellas. i am not stifled. i live in no cage.

I went to the plant store, as I always do to cheer myself up and bought a plant specifically designed by God to attract hummingbirds. Our feeder is new on the block and so its not really well known among the locals. I think my Mom and Dad's place, just down the road, gets all the customers. They have more of a Ma and Pa feel...

dr. suess's romantic side, i didn't get a photo of the trunk, but believe me, its whimsical and this beauty should raise its head high up to 5 five feet!

ender grows serene whenever we go the the nursery. those baby blue eyes soak in all that green and filtered sunlight

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