Monday, May 07, 2012

as a child i never would have chosen tv over the moon especially a super moon.  however, i have realized that the ones we love have a stronger pull than the celestial orb.  you stick zander and his family in a room with episode 3 of sherlock holmes and its over for me. 

so on Sunday night, zander snapped a few shots, even though we had plans of silhouetting me against the moon drawing his bow and arrow. ha ha ha.  it didn't work.  zander was feeling uninspired :)  he takes his night photography seriously. 

oh boy, i just remembered, ender had a terrible sleep saturday night.  now, i told myself i wouldn't blame the moon.  but why is it that the waves can vehemently respond, but not a baby? 

*arica, there are rumors sneaking around that you have amazing shots of the moon.  i'm waiting for the great reveal!

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