Wednesday, May 16, 2012

our perch

zander is great, but he has flaws.  for starters,  he will not build me an observation tower so I can see over the rooftops.  so ender and i went to scope out the view from papago and feed the ducks. apparently bread is not good for our webbed city companions, so i've read to try frozen peas.  the duck and I say "blech!" but ender ate half of the bag!  his breath was rancid, but it couldn't deter me from kissing him as usual. 

well the view is amazing to the east from the old kinkel family ramada.  i can't wait for the next storm to come riding over the mountains!  and if you go up to Hunts Tomb you can see a sweeping view of the southern and western valley.

i'm deciding  how to handle ender's aversion to the wind.  he screams whenever a breeze kicks up his hair and pleads to go "in-sigh, in-sigh!"  i crouch down to his point of view, a gnome-ish size and look around and quite possibly,i've concluded, ender thinks the earth is falling down upon him.  All that heaving of the trees and swirling of the leaves, the rushing over your ears.... what a fright!  but i know, he will overcome, much like he did the vacuum cleaner, he can't get enough of that machine. 

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