Friday, May 04, 2012

what does a very young little human perceive?  in terms of colors.

i am making a cape for ender's spunky and bright cousin, noah, whom he affectionately refers to as "no-no" which makes grand sense if you know the mischievous boy! 

the lining of the cape is going to be buzz light year and its on lime green fabric with splashes of christmas red.  i cringe.  but noah and i'm assuming the majority of 2 year olds just don't care.  he will only notice buzz, a man, much like himself with non stop energy and fun.  pure.  and maybe i've been watching too much of What Not To Wear....  i'm sorry!  stacy and clint woo me with their wit. 

but i'd like to look at that lime green cape and think of Tom Sawyer gleaning bio luminescent mushrooms of "foxfire" to light his way through underground passages.

  i have a glowing idea!  plant these (can you plant fungi?) along your walks and lanes to guide your wonder struck guests up to your door for an enchanting evening.  Something tells me this won't work in the urban sonoran desert.  well, if i were a fairy's electrician, i would install these for sure. 

and really buzz, you're such a romantic.  "to infinity and beyond!"

photos: noah's eyes- i stole them off ashley's facebook
mushrooms, that i forgot!

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