Thursday, May 17, 2012

Last night Zander and I were both restless laying in bed. 

"I can't stop thinking about rock climbing and my cams.  Isn't that silly?"

"No," i replied. "I wish I could think about that."  (i was too busy sulking over the fact that i didn't live at the ocean)
After talking a bit about the gear, i see zander steal away to his chest of toys and i hear the clanking and tinkling of hexes and new cams.   His pearls all strung neatly on steel or nylon rope.  He let me hold one.  In the dark, I could barely make out a shape.  I pulled down on the lever, the metal pieces rotating down looked like a jelly fish inhaling and exhaling.  Maybe I can convince Zander to find some nice climbing walls over the sea...

Then he slept with them, like a little boy and his favorite toy car or baseball mitt.  Don't be embarrassed Zander.  I will now admit to whoever so reads:  I still sleep with a stuffed duck.  She has a pink bill and pink feet & used to done a pink garden hat with white polka dots until her childhood bully ripped it off of her! 
Before I drifted off to sleep, zander gave me strict orders not to let ender play with his toys.  He was concerned that the boy would unlock the kitchen cabinets, find the bleach, unscrew the lid and pour the liquid death all over his cams.   Around here we mistake our 19 month old as an evil genius.


The Kinkel Family said...

This is hilarious. Thank you for a window into your minds :)
Also, I dream and sulk and pout about the fact that I do not live by the sea. Why, why, why don't we get to live where we WANT to! Wah.

Les is more said...

heather, you look like you were born right on the sunny beaches! ha! its true, you always have that sun kissed glow

from mel said...

I love this post so much. Hilarious.

I got your postcard the other day!!!!! Made my week! Thank you so much! I will return the favor soon. How fun! Cant wait to hear all about the house you r buying!!!

Les is more said...

Hi Mel!

I am pleased to hear you got the post card! Hope to stop by prescott soon to say hello and meet your little peach!