Monday, May 21, 2012

He likes to get his recipes from You Tube

"thank you so much for making dinner tonight, zander!"
"Yeah, I should do this way more often." 
Lets just lay two ground rules, then:
1)Zander, do not over salt.
2) Leslie, stay out of the kitchen.  Hes a diva!

We all lapped it up!  Ender took his time falling in love though.  But we figured if he likes to eat raw onion and garlic, Indian food wouldn't be such a stretch for his adventurous palate.

This post also doubles as an add for anyone out there who is obsessed with Indian food and needs a place to get away for a bit.  This meal is officially a staple in our home. So come and enjoy and please bring a Bollywood movie.  I'm just sayin....


f-less-africa said...

Alright already! Gah! You had me at Indian food

Les is more said...

AND we can put Zander in a ching ching!