Friday, May 11, 2012

rain rain, go away - quoteth ender

i couldn't believe my eyes when i looked out the window to the east and saw a horizon overcome with a massive storm cell.  ender was dozing.  should we skip our play time at noahs and speed toward it, meet it head on?  well I decided that like with all travelings, it might be best to share with friends.  when he awoke we headed to the boys brigade at erin's to await it. 
however, much to my dismay, ender cowered before the thunder and melted in the rain.  how could he do this to me?!  doesn't he know who i am?  doesn't he know how much the storms mean to me?  how can you let all the other tots run free in the rain while you shrink away and get strangely obsessive over the Jesse doll from Toy Story. I left.
I complained to Zander.
Then I felt horrible.

Ender eventually tolerated the storm.  We came home to zander and all the doors were flung open.  We bundled ender up in our arms and showed him what some american boys do in the rain, play football.  We showed him what mama likes to do in the rain, dance. 

Later that night after ender went to bed, i paused in my reading, and told zander "I am so proud of Ender." 
Zander stopped whatever he was doing and went to sit on the couch, "Are you really Leslie?  The sky was not beautiful today because you saw it and said it was so.  It was beautiful because it was." 

ender is his own definition of ender.  zander and i were given him and our quest is stewardship. 

If an ender shines brightly in the forest, and no one was around to see him, would he still shine? 
us, ready to play together in the rain.
absolutely yes!  The God who saw the tree that fell, sees the ender that shines. 

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