Sunday, January 20, 2013

Black Rose

Another fauna friend for our house.

I have yet to understand why I am so enchanted by purple plants, (some so deep they stain black or chocolate), but I am.  As a kid, purple was one of my least favorite colors.  Yet, by the time I heard my wedding bells ring, I was in love with "eggplant".  And on our honeymoon, zander & i hiked  Bright Angel Trail in the great Grand Canyon where a plateau of purple prickly pear first peaked my interest.  Those are my most recent memories of my attraction.  Somewhere along my life someone or someplant must have secretly charmed me...
The only photo that is mine is dead center :)  The others I randomly chose off google images without citing the source.  Ah well, how much harm can a  little naughty blog hiding in a teeny tiny corner of the internet universe cause?
1. Wandering Jew
2. Cordyline Red Star
3. purple potato plant vine
4. prickly pear
5. Purple Shamrock
6. Coleus-dark chocolate
7.  Dracula Raven
8. Black Star Calle Lily
9.Black Magic Elephant Ears

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