Monday, January 14, 2013

Donkey Tail - a succulent

Before my mom had to go back to work we took an afternoon to do one of our favorite things together.  Visit the garden shops & nurseries.  I hardly ever tell myself "no" when I see a plant or a pot for sale.  Mama bought me this houseplant, Donkey Tail, at Home Depot.  It would have been nice to support our local nursery, but we just couldn't find anything that spoke to us that day.  Our old neighbor at the bungalow had a copious amount of cacti and succulents decorating her windows and floor and walls and shelves and toilet seat, basically every nook and cranny. 
My dream would be to knock out as many dark holes in our house as possible, think Atrium!  And then never stop welcoming plants into our home.  I want people to bless me "The crazy plant Lady"
Funny thing is, my houseplant thumb is black.  I'm going to try and keep a record of my pets on my blog for a quick reference of care and maintenance.  Perhaps that will help. 

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