Wednesday, January 16, 2013

nap nix

a rare moment of a napping ender foot.

For the past two months, Ender has been finicky about his siestas.  How does anyone not want to sleep?!  I'm almost addicted to it, well, its certainly an idol of mine.  Whenever this kid changes his habits I go through a panic phase.  Especially with Cora full steam ahead, I need ender to acquiesce to our afternoon naps.  He will stay in his bed and chat, sing, count, bounce, but the walls are tense with his energy.  The hushness that fall over a house when a babe is fast asleep is some of the most glorious music of heaven. 
I'm sure Google is annoyed with the majority of my searches investigating the "problems" of my toddler.  But, I just have to know exactly why he is pooping two-three times through out his allotted napping time and not falling asleep!
 I would ask him after a while, "Aren't you tired?!" 
"No, I'm happy!"
Oh brother, well I'm not.  Go to sleep!  :) 
Nothing more, but a toast to flexibility, change, and adventure! 

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