Monday, May 06, 2013

after another one of my deep and great sighs over the construction site that is our yard, he said

"Look I promise you.  Our backyard will be your most favorite backyard.  It will be full of character and charm.  Its just not about grass.  Do you just want someone to come and plop some grass and trees down and call it beautiful? (he mimes this with a few junior high bathroom noises..??)  
It will be like the elves came and designed it their way". (Insert sorcery hand motions and a rendition of elvish tongue- that is an uncanny resemblance to his Uncle Scott speaking in tongues if he were to).

continuing... he's on a roll

"Its like this.  I am a spider.  And my yard is my web.  You forget that I'm here and then one day stumble upon my masterpiece.  And I just keep spinning"

This guy has so much gumption.  Definition please.  - Shrewd or spirited initiative and resourcefulness.

*Bless his heart.  9:15pm and he is out digging a trench to lay underground conduit. 

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Mel said...

oh, man. this is HILARIOUS! Love this and the picture of you and Cora.