Friday, May 24, 2013

Second Annual Artichoke Roast

Having children is kind of like dying and then being brought back to life.  Its so emotionally, physically, and spiritually arduous.  It can often feel like defeat.  When you have stayed up with them all night, endured the tantrums, the messes, walked a one way road, you appreciate any nugget of beauty and goodness.  (and that often are your babies)  You breathe with your whole being and food that taste good goes straight to your toes.  You see in technicolor.  A stranger's smile makes your day.  A trip to Costco with your mother in law is vacation holiday. 
So man oh man! I was lost in those homegrown artichokes.
Someone I want to be, is the collective selflessness and generosity of my whole family.  Whatever house we are visiting, there is someone who loves and holds cora and who entertains and has patience with ender.  I didn't realize what a tender expression of love it is to offer to hold one's baby while you eat.
I look at both set of my moms and truly truly truly, I want to be just like them.  Sacrificial.  Generous. Wise.  Understanding.  Relaxed around a crying baby. 
I always find myself quoting Rod Stewart, "I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger"  That guy is so weird looking. 
Well, since I can't learn my lessons in advance of my age, I am trying to cheat and look at the answers on my mother's and aunt's paper, namely. 

Choppy thoughts.

Quick synopsis of photos.
Greg and Erin grow delectable artichokes in their garden.  I'm sure they use homegrown fertilizer.  Its an organic perk for potty training a boy... :) 
Noah and Ender have polar opposites personalities, but their love for fun an antics is equally matched.  They are both sweet & ornery. 
Aunt Ashley is an angel of light holding Cora.  I have a whole family of these celestial beings. 
And lastly, the feast!


from mel said...

that looks so wonderful and so fun.
i love your writing.

Les is more said...

if only God bestowed the power of teleportation between family members...