Monday, May 13, 2013

 those lips, oh those sweet lips!

On Mother's Day, Zander let me sleep in, while he took the critters.  I trust Zander completely with the well being of our children.  Granted, he might not do things my way, and when I get upset with him, its not because he screwed up the kids, but he threatened my control and challenged my routine.
I walk into the kitchen and find Ender and Zander scribbling away at a mothers day gift and Cora is gurgling happily in her bouncy seat.  Ender is fed and Cora has poop soaking through her onesie and didn't do any tummy time.

"um, zander...were you going to change Cora's pants?"
"oh!  that's poop?!  I thought it was part of her outfit, like a ruffle."

the babes were so peaceful and happy that morning with zander.  he helps me learn to relax around them.  I'm so afraid that if I screw up just once, it sets off a chain of events where ender winds up incarcerated and cora on the street corner.  Like by the age of 6. 

the following is a story zander and ender style.

 There once was a happy family... Then a fire breathing dragon came and took mama away.
Prince Ender tracks the dragon and the victim to his lair.
 "I fight you dragon!"
 "Chop! Chop" With two little chops, the dragon's head comes clean off.
Mama and ender are reunited.   


Heather Kinkel said...

I. Love. This.

Les is more said...

haha thanks heather

from mel said...

so great. what a great story, zander!