Thursday, May 09, 2013

Ender likes to lounge on Nana's and Papa's couch like Lula.  He also likes to kiss like Lula and eat treats like Lula.
Cora.  Lump of sugary goodness.  I like her a lot!  Except, she begins to unfurl her petals at 5:45 every morning.  I think her man farts wake her up.   

No kids.  Your father wasn't a single parent.  This is me, your mother.  I am not an aunt or long distance cousin or your daddy's on and off again girlfriend.   The lady you see every now and again in photos of your childhood is your biological mom... stay at home mom. 

This said, just in case the sweet chariot swings low and carries me home sooner than expected, and you need proof.  Daddy NEVER, well, hardly EVER takes pictures of us together.    So here you have it!  Thanks Papa
for the photo :)

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