Tuesday, May 14, 2013

With the baby humans tucked in bed, I sat on the couch to scribble out my feelings of self pity in my journal. (blah blah blah)   Zander was cruising the Internet, soaking up information.  He is a living, breathing sponge. 
And our friend the grasshopper was playing a melody on the guitar.  No, seriously he really was.  He actually plucked a string.  I think it was A.  He was very surprised himself that he could play.  I encouraged an encore, but he humbly bowed out of my request.  His hands but filamentary wisps managed to pluck out a single, beautiful note.  Honestly, I've been out performed.   

One night, Zander was disgusted to find him roaming the house at free will.  He told me to get rid of him or else!  Zander's brutality is appalling and his cowardliness before a dainty creature is laughable.  I think our guest was sitting on the couch and I was saying that I would not let him die in my house when he hopped on the crown of my head in a pile of messy hair.   He was very grateful for the safe perch.  I carefully escorted him out the front door like any respectable hostess would do.

People, please, I do have boundaries.


Wow.  This list is getting lengthy. 
Those are the only ones that I feel threaten our urban desert dwelling. 
Otherwise, welcome God's creepy crawly creatures. 

*I do reserve the right to redact everything I claimed on this post if any one of my VIP guest should turn on me.

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